Graduate Assistantships





Financial assistance from URSP is in the form of graduate assistantships rather than scholarships.  A limited number of assistantships is available at the beginning of the Fall semester.  The assistantships involve either being a teaching assistant for an undergraduate class or assisting a faculty member with research.  An assistantship can be for one semester or for multiple semesters.  

Assistantships involve working for either 10 hours per week (“part-time assistantship”) or 20 hours per week )”full-time” assistantship).  In exchange for working 10 hours per week, a first-year part time assistant a stipend of $3,200 per semester, along with five (5) credits of tuition remission per semester.  For any credits above 5 that a part time assistant takes, (s)he pays tuition at the in-state Maryland rate.   A part-time assistantship also includes participation in the Maryland State Employees’ Health Insurance Program.

In exchange for working 20 hours per week a full time graduate assistant receives a stipend of $7,400 per semester, ten (10) credits of tuition per semester, and participation in the Maryland State Employees’ Health Insurance Program.  For any credits above 10 that a takes during the semester, (s)he is charged at the in-state Maryland rate. (For Information on tuition and fees for any given semester, go to , then click on “tuition and fees.” The full time assistantship also provides four (4) credits of tuition remission for the Winter Term.  Some of the funding that enables our program to provide graduate assistantships is provided through a endowment from the Samuel J. Lefrak Foundation.

Applicants to our program are considered for the open assistantships to be offered for the 2014-15 academic year.  Please contact Jim Cohen at if you would like to be considered for an assistantship for a subsequent semester.