Explore, Teach, Serve: A Concept Plan for “Urban Agriculture Station” in College Park, MD

Project (Studio)

This report discusses the positive impact of establishing an urban agriculture center on a privately owned, residentially zoned, 11-acre parcel adjacent to the Greenbelt Metro station in the Hollywood neighborhood of College Park, a municipality in Prince George’s County, Maryland, which is home to the University of Maryland. The task of this report’s authors has been to identify the most optimal and complementary urban agricultural land uses for site, referred to throughout as Urban Agricultural Station (UAS), emphasizing those uses that both actively farm the land and educate residents and potential visitors. In these ways, this report aims to make UAS a unique urban farming innovator and educational resource.

Olivia Ceccarelli
Ethan Cohen
Julie Deibel
Annaly Galeas
Douglas Gavin
Jason Hesch
Justine Kendall
Thomas Lester
Margaret O’Neal
Alyssa Seibert
Louis Thomas
Matthew Tingstrom
Summer 2012