Access To Healthy Food In Prince George's County

Project (Studio)

This report details a study of food access in Prince George’s
County, Maryland, conducted during the summer of 2010 by graduate
students in the Urban Studies and Planning program at the University
of Maryland, College Park. It is a preliminary exploration of food access
issues and identification of food deserts in the most developed
portion of Prince George’s County. The county, abutting Washington,
DC, comprises rural, suburban, and urban areas, defined by the
County planning department as the Rural, Developing, and Developed
Tiers. Researchers found that residents living in three selected portions
of the Developed Tier of the county likely face some barriers to
accessing healthy food.


Faculty Advisor: Jim Cohen

Aimée Chambers
Pam Eichenbaum
Jaime Fearer
Ken Firestone
Summer 2010