URSP 708 Community Planning Studio



Faculty Assigned
Tu 7:00pm - 9:40pm Th 4:00pm - 6:30pm (ARC 1119)


Catalog Description

The studio course simulates the practice of planning in a real-world setting. It provides an opportunity for students to learn through doing, with faculty providing guidance rather than instruction, building on the students' previously-acquired knowledge, skills, and ability. Additional learning-which may include invited speakers, discussions, and library research-may be needed to further the project, but the format is more like on-the-job training than a lecture, seminar or laboratory class. Because each studio deals with dynamics outside the classroom, and because it involves group interaction, each is a unique experience. Even with the most careful preparation, unanticipated things may happen in the course of a project; learning to deal with them is part of the studio experience.


At least 18 credits of coursework completed, including URSP600, URSP601, URSP604, and URSP605. For some projects, additional prerequisites may be required. Approaches and techniques previously learned in class are applied to a real-world planning problem. Teams collect and analyze information, develop plans, publish a report, and make presentations.