URSP 631 Transportation and Land Use



Faculty Assigned
W 4:00pm - 6:40pm (ARC 1119)

Coordination of land use and transportation is one of today's hot topics in urban planning, mainly because other Asolutions@ to traffic congestion have proven so ineffective. If we cannot pave our way out of congestion, we must reduce the need for so much vehicular travel, or so the theory goes. This is where coordinated land use and transportation planning comes in. This course is based on a training course developed for the National Transit Institute and delivered to land use and transportation professionals in 30 metropolitan areas across the U.S. The greater time available for this course should allow us to do a better job than in the NTI training course.


Catalog Description

The interrelationship between transportation and land use. What are the impacts of various transportation modes on land use patterns, and how can land use solutions influence travel demand. The integration of transportation into master planning and site impact analysis. Using quantitative methods to understand the land use and transportation linkage.



Credit only granted for: URSP631 or URSP688L. Formerly: URSP688L.