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Welcome to the Colvin Institute of Real Estate Development and the Graduate Programs in Real Estate Development at the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at the University of Maryland. You could soon be embarking on an exciting journey in a unique program that combines academics and practice, professors and practitioners in a joint effort to enhance, or jumpstart, your career in real estate development.


The Master of Real Estate Development degree (MRED) here at Maryland embraces a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to real estate education addressing all facets of the industry from planning to property management, finance to construction. We educate our real estate students to develop for a Quadruple Bottom Line concerned not only for the old-fashioned financial bottom line, but more broadly for Economic Viability, Environmental Respect, Social Responsibility and Beautiful Design.


Besides undertaking the work in your courses, you will find multiple opportunities to interact with industry professionals, many of whom will come to lecture in your classes or work with you on your capstone project. In addition, we encourage early and frequent involvement with one of the many development trade associations located in this region.


We welcome onsite interviews and tours of the School. Feel free to contact the Assistant Program Director, Tanya Bansal, at to set up your appointment. Questions by telephone or email are also welcome.






Maria Day-Marshall, JD, LLM

Clinical Associate Professor

Director, Real Estate Development Program

(301) 405-8000


Tanya Bansal, MRED

Clinical Assistant Professor
Assistant Director, Real Estate Development Program

(301) 405-8000


Margaret McFarland, JD, Clinical Professor

Founding Director

Real Estate Development Program


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