"The Municipality is Building. Vienna Residential Construction 1920 to 2020" Exhibition

On view: Sept 13, 2019 -  October 20, 2019 at the Kibel Gallery



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Apr 12, 2018 to Dec 31, 2019
Architecture Building Great Space

This exhibition celebrates MAPP's first 50 years and looks towards the next 50 by showcasing the depth and breadth of our collective community through the stories and work of individual alums and faculty and the questions and aspirations of our current students, faculty and staff.

Kibel Gallery Talk: Red Vienna's Housing Program: Practical Lessons and Living Legacy

by Isabelle Gournay

The Sustenance and Sustainability Project seeks to advance three of the ten questions produced by students and faculty from the collective workshopping process run by the Kibel Gallery team that resulted in the exhibition, "MAPP@50: Possible Futures; Concrete Pasts" in 2018 for the 50th anniversary of the Maryland School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation (MAPP).
What can I do to ensure a sustainable future knowing the earth is finite?
When will we elevate social equity & environmental justice?
What if I allow my playfulness, passion and curiosity to lead?

Oct 5, 2018 to Jan 1, 2019
Kibel Gallery


Friday, November 9th

12-2 pm

Kibel Gallery 


MAPP’s Inaugural Symposium featured the work of Faculty, Students, and Alumni from across the University.  Research projects focused on elements of the built environment from Food Deserts to Zoning.  The poster sessions display the School’s focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion showcasing work in Gender Theory, LGBTQ spaces, and Environmental Justice.  Resiliency, Energy Efficiency, Preserv