PhD Alumni

Name of Student

Year of Graduation

Dissertation Title


First Job Employment

Marco Scuderi


“Bayesian approaches to learning from data how to untangle the travel behavior and land use relationships”

Dr. Kelly Clifton

New Zealand

Vikas Mehta


“Lively Streets: Determining Environmental Characteristics to Support Social Behavior”

Prof. Sidney Brower

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture and Community Design, University of South Florida

Arnab Chakraborty


“An Experiment in Statewide Scenario Analysis: Towards an Even Smarter Growth for Maryland”

Dr. Gerrit Knaap

Assistant Professor, of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Doan Nguyen


“The Spatial and Social Dimensions of Innovation”

Dr. Marie Howland

Lecturer, Vietnam National University

Andi Livi Smith


The Relationship Between Neighborhood Environment and Walking Behavior: The Influence of Perceptions

Dr. Kelly Clifton

Assistant Professor, Department of Historic Preservation, University of Mary Washington

Rodney Harrell


Understanding Modern Segregation: Suburbanization and the Black Middle Class

Dr. Howell Baum

Senior Strategic Policy Advisor, Public Policy Institute, AARP

Maria Teresa Xavier Souza


The Effect of Land Use Regulation on Housing Price and Informality: A Model Applied to Curitiba, Brazil

Dr. Gerrit Knaap

Social Science Analyst at the Office of Policy Development and Research in U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Xingshou Zhao


Market Forces and Urban Spatial Structure: Evidence from Beijing, China

Dr. Chengri Ding

Researcher, Ministry of Urban-Rural Development, Beijing, China

Feng Zhang


Traveler Responses to Real Time Transit Passenger Information Systems

Dr. Marie Howland

Assistant Professor

Department of Urban Planning and Design

Hong Kong University

Rebecca Lewis


Do Smart Growth Instruments in Maryland make a Difference

Dr. Gerrit Knaap

Assistant Professor of Planning, Public Policy and Management, University Of Oregon

Chao Liu


Exploring the influence of urban form on travel and energy consumption, using structural equation modeling


Dr. Fred Ducca

Adjunct Faculty and Researcher at the National Center for Smart Growth, University of Maryland

Selma Hepp


Metropolitan Spatial Structure: Measuring the Change

Dr. Gerrit Knaap

Senior Economist, California Association of Realtors

Lynette Boswell


Do Neighborhood Housing Market Typologies Matter? Measuring the Impacts of the HOME Investment Partnership Program Investments in Baltimore, Maryland

Dr. Alex Chen

Director of Schools and Facilities Planning at Baltimore City Public Schools

Aysegul Yilmaz


Evaluating the Impacts of Top-down Protected Area Governance on Local Livelihood – The Case of the Turkish Village of Kapikiri

Dr. Marie Howland

Department of Tourism Management, Bogazici University, Istanbul

Mark Braza


The Impact of Conservation Easements on Habitat Loss

Dr.  Alex Chen

U.S. Government Accounting Office

Scott Dempwolf


Network Models of Regional Innovation Clusters and their Impact on Economic Growth

Dr. Marie Howland

Associate Research Scientist, University of Maryland

Joe Costanzo


Practicing local culture as a vehicle of integration? Immigrants and Brussels’ Zinneke Parade.

Prof. Sidney Brower

Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Immigration Research, Sociology & Anthropology Department, George Mason University

Yi Niu


Three Essays on the Understanding of Urban Development

Dr. Chengri Ding

Assistant Professor at the International School of Economics and Management, Capital University of Economics and Business, Beijing.

Tim Welch


Climate Action Plans – Fact or Fiction? Evidence from Maryland

Dr. Fred Ducca

Assistant Professor, School of City and Regional Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology
Assistant Director, Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development    

Carolina Valdemarin Burnier


Children's Activities and School Travel: A tour based analysis of the influence of children's out-of-home activities on the choice of school travel patterns.

Dr. Marie Howland

Noblis Non-Profit Consulting, Washington. D.C.

Kevin Adams


Urban Agriculture Typologies, Socio-Ecological Capital Creation, and the Evolution of a Resilient, Local Food System in Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Victoria Change

Planning Consultant at Benchmark Planning in Charlotte, NC

Yuchen Cui


Defining the resolution of a network for transportation analyses: a new method to improve transportation planning decisions.

Dr. Rolf Moeckel

SRF Consulting Group, Madison WI

Christine Henry


Le Droit Park, Portrait in Black and White:  A Study of Historic Districts, Social Change, and the Process of Neighborhood Placemaking

Dr. Don Linebaugh

Assistant Professor, Department of Historic Preservation, Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, VA.

Elijah Knaap


The Spatial Structure of Opportunity and the Location Dynamics of Housing Mobility Programs

Dr. Casey Dawkins

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of California, Riverside

Ting Ma


Estimating the Impacts of Capital Bikeshare on Metrorail Ridership in the Washington Metropolitan Area

Dr. Gerrit Knaap

DC Department of Transportation

Naka Matsumoto


Negotiating Diversification:  Immigrant Settlement and Neighborhood Change - The Case of Greektown in Baltimore City, MD

Dr. Howell Baum

Lecturer, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Kaio University, Japan

Jae Sik Jeon


A Better Neighborhood for Housing Voucher Households: Obstacles and Opportunities

Dr. Casey Dawkins

Sage Computing, Inc.

Boaz Kedar


The Power of Synthesis: the Pursuit of Environmental Sustainability and Social Equity Through Design Practice

Garth Rockcastle/Dr. Marie Howland

YOZMOT - Green Initiatives, Tel Aviv, Israel

Yu Qiao


Three Essays on Agglomeration and Firm Dynamics

Dr. Chengri Ding


Li Fang


Do industrial clusters encourage establishment innovation?

Dr. Gerrit Knaap

Assistant Professor, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

Hossein Sadat Lavasani Bozor


Impact of Green Building Certifications on the Economic Performance of Real Estate Office Assets

Dr. Marie Howland


Basheer Saeed


A Micro-Level Examination of the Impact of Rail Transit Investments on the Patterns of Firm Dynamics

Dr. Hiroyuki Iseki

Lecturer of Urban Planning, College of Spatial Planning and Applied Science, University of Duhok, Iraq

Georgeanne Matthews 2019 A Look at Cohousing: Why Baby Boomers are Self Developing Alternative Housing Options Dr. Marie Howland / Dr. Casey Dawkins Visiting Assistant Professor at the Catholic University of America
Johnna Blythe Semmer 2019

Assessing User Understanding of Heritage in the Environment: Preservation Strategies for the Use of Place

Dr. Donald Linebaugh  
Zuxuan Deng 2019 Three Essays on Urban Transportation Studies in Washington D.C.: Safety Effect of All-Way Stop Control, Safety Effect of Reversible Lane and Loading Zone Allocation Dr. Gerrit Knaap Supervisory Engineer at the District Department of Transportation

Jinyhup Kim
2020 Housing Demand and Tenure Choice for Senior Citizens: Lessons from Three Essays
Dr. Casey Dawkins
David Boston 2020 Modeling the Relationship Between the Housing First Approach and Homelessness Dr Willow Lung-Amam Planning and Zoning Manager, City of Ocala/Cofounding Director of Bears Consulting
Qiong Peng 2020 Housing Value and Light Rail Transit Construction:  Evidence from Three Essays

Dr. Gerrit Knaap