The economic and community development cluster explores methods of promoting high technology jobs and economic growth in our metropolitan areas, the redevelopment of distressed communities, and methods of promoting sustainable economic development. A grant from the U.S.

Researchers in the UMD Transportation and Land use specialization study the interaction between transportation and land use, examining how it affects socio-economic activities and movement of people and goods.

Faculty in the Public Engagement and Placemaking specialization conduct studies on the role of urban design, public art and citizen participation in the enhancement of a sense of community.

The specialty in Sustainability in the Built Environment promotes research in the integration of environmental systems and the sustainable design of buildings and communities, investigating the interrelationship of building envelope design, buildings systems, energy utilization, building design for new construction and retrofit, and sustainable patterns of settlement.

The National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education is a non-partisan center for research and leadership training on smart growth and related land use issues in Maryland, in metropolitan regions around the nation, and in Asia and Europe.

The specialty in housing policy, design, and development includes studies of U.S., State or Local Housing Policy, the demand for mixed use and specialized housing (i.e.

The specialty in heritage and historical studies is an interdisciplinary group that pursues teaching and research in the areas of history, theory, and heritage studies. Faculty expertise spans a wide geographical area, from the US to Europe and the Middle East.