PALS Cultural Landscape Study: Cedar Hill Cemetery, Suitland, Maryland

In the fall semester of 2020, a team of Historic Preservation graduate assistants completed a historic resources survey and condition assessment of the Cedar Hill Cemetery in Suitland, Maryland. The study was completed as part of the Partnership in Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS) program working with the Maryland National Capital Parks and Planning Department’s Historic Preservation Section.

The cultural landscape study traced the development of the Cemetery since its establishment in the early 20th century and compiled a comparative analysis of similar cemetery case studies in Maryland and across the United States. The research identified several connections with local immigrant groups ranging from the Chinese American community to the Ukrainian American communities in the DC/MD area. The team also assessed the conditions of several historic structures and resources. In particular, this study investigated the historical context and significance of several resources by notable sculptor, Dionicio Rodriquez, located at Cedar Hill Cemetery. The study resulted in the completion of a draft Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties form, a conditions assessment, and a report on the project. The report highlights the significance of the Rodriquez sculptures while presenting Cedar Hill Cemetery’s unique connection to the history, diversity, and culture of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Semester / Year
Fall 2020

Team Members

Hannah Cameron
Francesca Evans
Devon Murtha

Faculty Advisors

Research and Creative Practice Areas