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MAPP received a $29,000 University Sustainability Fund grant for the Net Zero Energy Retrofit Initiative, a research, design and implementation program that will provide a framework for retrofitting campus buildings to produce as much energy as they consume. The National Center For Smart Growth also received a $42,710 grant to install sensors that monitor storm water characteristics on campus. Since 2011, the University Sustainability Fund, supported by student fees, has granted $2.6 million to 137 sustainability projects.

Posted on 04/23/2019 by Jelena Dakovic

Congratulations to our UMD team on winning HUD 2019 Innovation in Affordable Housing Student Design and Planning Competition for the second year in a row!


The students were Kyle Huck, Cassandra Huntington, Nyasha Mandima, Andrew Mazer and Lauren Stamm, and they were advised by faculty Maria Day-Marshall and Bonstra/Haresign’s Rob McClennan. They were competing against Yale School of Architecture, University of California-Berkeley and Virginia Tech.


Posted on 04/22/2019 by Jelena Dakovic

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Dr. Willow Lung-Amam for her acceptance to the prestigious Woodrow Wilson Center Residential Fellowship, a highly competitive award that attracts scholars from all over the world focusing on public policy and global issues.


Posted on 04/12/2019 by Jelena Dakovic

MAPP is proud to announce that Ariel Bierbaum, along with her team of three other researchers, has secured $50,000 in research grant funding from the Spencer Foundation’s Small Research Grants Program. The grant will allow continuing work into the socioeconomic impact of public school closures in Philadelphia, and will look specifically at issues of school reuse and/or demolition.


Posted on 04/12/2019 by Jelena Dakovic

Dr. Willow Lung-Amam has been promoted with tenure to Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Planning by the University of Maryland School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. She serves as Director of Community Development with the National Center for Smart Growth (NCSG) and teaches courses in urban inequality and diversity, social planning and community development.

Posted on 04/12/2019 by Jelena Dakovic

Madlen Simon, AIA has been promoted to full professor by the University of Maryland’s Architecture Program. She currently serves as Professor and as the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Outreach for the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, where she has been teaching since 2006.


As a researcher and educator, Simon focuses her work on design thinking as a methodology for innovation and entrepreneurship. She is a Distinguished Fellow of the Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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You’re the city planner of a popular seaside resort town, but climate change is threatening your town’s existence. The sea level will rise two feet by 2050, leaving large areas of the town prone to flooding and threatening the town’s infrastructure and attractions. How are you going to address the problem before it’s too late?


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Dec 7, 2019
ARC 1111

The Colvin Case Study Challenge is a national intercollegiate real estate case study competition for full or part-time students enrolled in a college or university real estate program (undergraduate or graduate) or a university sanctioned real estate club/organization. The Challenge is to document a recent innovative real estate project within the team’s metropolitan region.

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Apr 15, 2019
12:00 PM
Kibel Gallery

Join us in the Kibel Gallery on April 15th from 12:00 - 1:30 for an exciting and inspiring conversation on what it means to be resilient and the interconnections between environmental issues and social inequalities.

Bagels & Coffee will be provided.


Posted on 03/31/2019 by Heather Summers

A group of students from the University of Maryland Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability (PALS) program won the 2019 Sustainable Growth Challenge March 22 for their work on streambank and road erosion in Harford County, Maryland.


Posted on 03/29/2019 by Jelena Dakovic