Maggie Haslam

Lead Writer
(202) 258-8946

Maggie Haslam is a freelance writer and public relations consultant, who has been contributing creative content and pitching the school's news since January 2011. She has over 15 years of professional experience in communications writing, marketing and publicity. Her extensive and varied breadth of work includes writing, media relations, special events, publicity, corporate marketing and agency experience. Throughout the course of her career, Maggie has helped a spectrum of clients--including those in higher education, non-profits, the medical field and entertainment--share news, showcase significant achievements and garner exposure from a wider audience. She has authored a number of published articles and helped pen two books for the School.


Prior to coming to UMD, Maggie was the regional publicist for Walt Disney Pictures, which is probably the farthest thing from writing about the built environment. She misses not paying for movies, but truly enjoys the challenge and satisfaction she gets writing about the important student, faculty and alumni work at MAPP.


Maggie lives in Maryland with her husband, son and twin daughters.


Bachelor of Arts - Saint Mary's College 1991 - 1995