“Garage of the Future” Earns a Finalist Spot in International Competition


Community Planning Graduate Student Sofie Rhoads and Architecture Graduate Student Rick Fairhurst have been selected as finalists for their innovative, modular “garage of the future” in the International Parking Institute’s Parking Solutions Competition.


The International Parking Institute (IPI) Parking Solutions Competition challenges students to design and develop “the Garage of the Future,” envisioning a plan complimentary to smart cities, new technology and a rapidly changing urban landscape. Finalists were selected on the basis of creativity, innovation, realism, applicability, scalability, overall presentation and the idea’s ability to benchmark success and demonstrate return on investment.


Rick and Sofie’s project submission is based on the understanding that, even as our cities undergo demographic, technological and transformative changes, people will still need a place to park. Their project vision, called Project Revive, relies on adaptable, modular design—a flexible kit-of-parts garage, where elements can be adapted to respond to changing market conditions and environments, while maintaining a return on investment. In addition to flexible scalability, Project Revive is also designed to adapt to changing technology, evolving from a garage for “traditional” automobiles to one that can accommodate more electric vehicles—and even autonomous vehicles—over time.


Sofie will represent the team in the finals, taking place at the IPI 2018 Conference & Expo this June in Orlando. To see Sofie and Rick’s design, click here.


Posted on April 24, 2018 by Maggie Haslam