David Falk

Adjunct Lecturer

David Falk is an Adjunct Lecturer at the School of Public Policy, University of Maryland, at College Park, where he teaches students about how the Congress, Executive Branch, federal bureaucracy, and courts forge public policy. He Co-Directed with Marie Howland the Summer Studio in St. Petersburg, Russia (2003, 2006, 2009, and 2012), and the Odessa Public Policy Program (1995-2011), and Directed the Advanced Housing Seminar, and Advanced Seminar on Land Use Planning and Zoning (1993-1995), which were held for senior professionals from the former Soviet Union.


Prior to teaching at the University of Maryland, with over 30 years of practice, Mr. Falk has been a member of the Maryland State Government, the United States Government, and worked with Private Law Firms. Under the Maryland State Government, he was Executive Policy Adviser on Governor William Donald Schaefer’s personal staff, where he concentrated on issues of tax policy and public education.


David Falk received his Bachelor’s Degree (magna cum laude) from Harvard College (1958), and his Juris Doctor degree (J.D.) (magna cum laude) from Harvard Law School (1961). Additionally, he has numerous publications, including an article in the Washington Post (1998).