Reston: The Art of Community

On Display
January 25, 2013 to March 10, 2013
Kibel Gallery

What is the role of public art in the creation of meaningful places? What impact does a public art master plan have on community and development? Through film, pictures and art, Reston: The Art of Community depicts a planned community’s history as one of the nation’s foremost places for public art, and their on-going dedication to art for everyone.


Debuting last fall at the Reston Museum, Lake Anne Village Center, Reston: The Art of Community looks at the scope of public art that has become part of the fabric of Reston, Virginia. The exhibition will feature a documentary film by Rebekah Wingert-Jabi that catalogues the history and stories behind these pieces, as well as Reston’s vision to have public art bring joy and inspiration to the community. It will also showcase several examples of art displayed in Reston over the past decade, including “Out of Place,” co-created/curated by UMD Professor of Architecture Ronit Eisenbach and Professor of Dance Sharon Mansur and a sculpture by Foon Sham, Professor of Art. Roundtable participant and UMD Lecturer Mary Konsoulis curates the exhibit.