Luis Callejas/LCLA Office: Islands and Atolls, works 2011-2014

On Display
September 1, 2014 to January 5, 2015
Kibel Gallery

Lecture:  Wednesday, November 12th, 5pm, School of Architecture Auditorium. Reception to follow, Kibel Gallery.

Water is a fertile medium for testing the idea of giving body to atmospheres and environments based on humidity, moisture, ice, and snow. The drawings of Islands and Atolls attempt such experiments through two drawing types: plan projections or photographic montages. While plans explore the possibility of using aquatic landscapes as meaningful tools to determine urban form, the accompanying montages test the ephemeral results at the point where water meets land. Seven sites that have intense relationships with aquatic environments are the test places of these inventive and imaginative waterbased urbanisms.


The explorations prompt thoughts about how architecture might critically repurpose its traditionally limited disciplinary tools in order to make a meaningful impact at a larger territorial scale. Devices such as repetition and aggregation are pushed beyond their traditional limits in scenarios where sociopolitical constraints seemingly prohibit what would normally be understood as a landscape architecture intervention.


Luis Callejas

LCLA office is positioned at the intersection of architecture, landscape and urbanism, oriented toward new forms of engagement with the public realm through territorial operations.

LCLA was founded in 2011 by architect Luis Callejas after the dissolution of Paisajes Emergentes. LCLA operates from offices in Medellín Colombia and Cambridge Massachusetts.


Having obtained diverse recognition in multiple public space design competitions, Luis Callejas was awarded with the Architectural League of New York Prize for Young Architects in 2013 and selected as one of the world’s ten best young practices by the Iakov Chernikhov International Foundation in 2010.

In 2010 Luis Callejas together with Edgar Mazo and Sebastian Mejia as Paisajes Emergentes completed the aquatic centre for the XI South American games, a 20 000 square meter open air complex of swimming pools and public space in Medellin, Colombia. In 2011 Luis Callejas in association with E Mazo, S. Mejia and Manuel Villa, completed the renovation of "El Campin", the main soccer stadium in Colombia for the 2012 sub20 world cup. Both projects were commissioned through open international competitions.


Since 2008 Luis Callejas has received diverse recognitions in twenty design competitions.

Callejas is the author of Pamphlet Architecture 33 (Princeton Architectural Press, NY). The competition for PA33 asked previous authors in the series to nominate the architects and theorists whose work represents the most exciting design and research in the field today.


LCLA's director Luis Callejas is a faculty member at Harvard University Graduate School of Design since 2011, where he teaches graduate level design studios and seminars as part of the Landscape Architecture department.


LCLA / Luis Callejas is involved in public and private initiatives for the development of public projects and applied research. Partners, collaborators and clients include:


Harvard University. United States

Alcaldia de Medellín. Colombia

University of Toronto. Canada

Tromsø Academy of Landscape and Territorial Studies. Norway

Norwegian Research Counsil. Norway

AHO Oslo school of Architecture, Landscape and Design. Norway

RMIT Melbourne. Australia

Alcaldía de Bogotá

Teatro Nacional. Bogotá

Escola da Cidade. Sao Paulo

Fundación Argos. Colombia

URBAM Eafit. Medellín

Archipiélago de Arquitectura. Medellín

Princeton Architectural Press. United States

Architectural League of NY. United States

INDER Alcaldía de Medellín. Colombia

LIGA espacio para Arquitectura. Mexico

IDRD. Instituto distrital de recreacion y deportes. Bogotá

Museo de Antioquia. Medellín

Storefront for Art and Architecture. NYC

Infranet lab. Canada and United States

Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín