Kiplin Hall

Education Abroad
May 23, 2016 to June 11, 2016
These are approximate dates.
Summer 2016

Kiplin Hall is a kind of real-life "Downton Abbey" estate, right down to its location in rural North Yorkshire. A Jacobean-style country estate established in 1620 by Maryland colonial proprietor George Calvert, Kiplin will serve as not only the home base for this program, but also as a learning laboratory. Students in the program will participate in a long-term survey of the original Kiplin Estate properties, most of which were sold in the early 20th century. Students will also explore a wide range of additional historic cultural landscapes in Yorkshire and Northeast England, including several UNESCO World Heritage sites. Through these visits and through hands-on research in collaboration with local scholars and experts, students will gain a unique perspective on the extraordinarily rich historical landscape imprinted on this beautiful corner of rural England.