Langley Park and Adelphi Cultural Landscapes Study and Story Map

In the fall of 2020, graduate assistants from the University of Maryland Historic Preservation Program created a list of recommended historic resources in the Langley Park and Adelphi areas of Prince George County, Maryland. The Langley Park and Adelphi areas of Prince George’s county have a long history of offering homes and business spaces for immigrants. In the 1930s, 40s, and 50s many came from European countries including Germany, Poland, Hungary, and Russia. In the 1940s Asian immigrants arrived. By the 1970s immigrants from Latin American began to populate the region. The 2018 American community survey documented that region remains very diverse with a demographic distribution including individuals identifying as white, African American; Asian American, Latinx and numerous other races. The cultural landscapes study, conducted for a Partnership for Action Learning and Sustainability (PALS) project with the Maryland National Capital Parks and Planning Commission's Historic Preservation section, explored and illuminated histories some of the place based history of these residents. Compiled after research, windshield surveys, and discussion, this resources list offers an overview of existing and potential cultural resources over 40 years old in this northwestern section of Prince George’s County. By comparing the significance of current resources with current events, these recommendations may assist the MNCPPC historic preservation section in completing their comprehensive update to the county’s Historic Preservation Plan. The geographic information system based story map “Langley Park and Adelphi Cultural Landscape Study” documents this research. 

Semester / Year
Fall 2020

Team Members

Christina (Winnie) Cargill
Joseph Tannir

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