Mexico: Architecture and Preservation Social Action Program

Education Abroad
May 24, 2019 to June 16, 2019
Summer 2019

This study abroad course, which is open to advanced undergraduate and graduate students across the university, will take place in the city of Puebla, Mexico and in Tecuanipan, Mexico (farming community near Puebla) in collaboration with the University Iberoamericana Puebla ( and Casita de Barro (


The primary goals for this course are to:
    • Facilitate a cross-cultural exchange with Mexican students enrolled in the architecture program at Ibero; students and faculty from UMD will work collaboratively with Ibero students and faculty on the development of an architecture and historic preservation project, based on community involvement and a hands-on approach.
    • Engage students in aspects of the built environment that involve cultural heritage (tangible and intangible), architecture and its overlap with conservation, history and sustainability in the Puebla area.
    • Provide an opportunity for all students to engage via a facilitated, participatory method with marginalized members of the local community on issues of equity and social justice.
    • Give students hands-on opportunities to work with traditional building materials and methods and to learn from our local hosts about methods of permaculture within the context of Mexico and the Puebla region.
    • Co-author a scholarly, final publication between UMD faculty, Ibero faculty, and all involved students.


Application Deadline:

March 3, 2019


Juan Burke


Jeremy Wells