HISP 680 Preservation Economics



Faculty Assigned
M 7:00pm - 9:40pm (ARC 1117)

This course focuses on the preservation professional and the increasing demand that he/she understands economic issues related to historic preservation, and is able to provide input, guidance and possible solutions for these issues. The course explores how economics impacts historic preservation and economic development, while introducing the student to a range of basic economic and preservation issues, available tools and various methods of responding to these economic issues. Emphasis is on refining the student’s “economic thinking” through the introduction of decision-making considerations. To that end, HISP680 will present and discuss material related to community economic development, adaptive reuse, tax credit programs, project finance, and land use. Lectures and class discussions will include current markets, real estate development, state and federal tax incentives (tax credits, etc.), financing methods, funding sources for preservation and the impact of changing economic policies on preservation efforts.

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This course introduces students to a range of economic theories, methods, and issues that must be considered in the practice of historic preservation. Case studies related to community economic develop-ment, adaptive reuse, tax credit programs, project finance, and land use will be presented in this course. 


Permission of ARCH-Historic Preservation Program. Credit only granted for: HISP619N or HISP680. Formerly: HISP619N.