Capstone Competition

Each student in their last semester in the Master of Real Estate Development Program, takes a Capstone Course and participates in a Capstone Competition. Each student has a development professional mentoring them along with 3-4 other students, working on either a project feasibility study or a research topic. The sites are selected by the mentor and over the 3 months of a semester, each student researches and prepares their real estate case report, a marketing poster and a 12 minute PowerPoint presentation. Each student presents their case to a jury of real estate professionals (not mentors or faculty) who judge each of the case presentations and award a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd monetary prize. The professionals who give of their time enjoy seeing the budding real estate talent coming from Maryland, and the students get a real taste of what it would be to “pitch” their project to investors for funding.

Section I  
First Prize
Section II
Honorable Mention