Slots, Slats, Tubes, Tabs, Lacing, Bracing

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Slots, Slats, Tubes, Tabs, Lacing, Bracing:

9 explorations in cardboard chair design


The Cardboard Chair Project introduces General Education students to the design of objects for human use, exploring the fit of object to human body and its ability to support human activity. The project introduces tangible realities of material, structure, and dimensions. It introduces basic architectural design technologies of drawing and physical model building. It introduces a collaborative design process. The project unfolds through a series of steps and iterations:

•    Case Study presents Frank Gehry's Wiggle Chair.

•    Precedent Study explores the wide range of design concepts in the history of chairs designed by architects. 

•    Documentation & Analysis examines a chair in daily life, studying dimensions, materials, structure, details, function, comfort, aesthetics, and concept. 

•    Schematic Design phase generates alternative design concepts in small study models. 

•    Design Development advances one selected design concept in full-scale study models, tests, revises, and refines. 

•    Presentation models are constructed and presented to a panel of faculty, practitioners, and graduate students

Reflection sparks ideas about how the design might improve through further iteration.

Fall 2013
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