No Artificial Ingredients: A Tropical Urban High Rise

Project (Studio)

Architecture in the 20th century began as a celebration of the Age of Industry and Technology; but this has rapidly changed in response to a new Age of Information and Ecology. In response to the dramatic physical, social and climatic changes in the world, architecture will keep changing and will probably change more radically in the next two decades than it has changed in the past century. This will become especially important in places that need to re-think the way they conceive their cities and buildings due to future expected phenomena like population growth, increase in density, climatic changes and scarce resources. This is the particular situation for numerous Latin American cities, many of which are located in the tropics, where a large percentage of the world’s population lives. This project explores the making of new buildings and cities in San Jose, Costa Rica, a place know for its ecological attractions, but where the built environment needs to be rethought. 

Justin Obringer
Fall 2013
Faculty Advisors