Hooman Koliji

Clinical Associate Professor
(301) 405-0754
ARC 1219

Hooman Koiji is an architect; landscape designer, design researcher, and an associate professor of architecture at the University of Maryland. Koliji’s work examines visual representation and spatial experience, and theories of imagination and design at the intersection of architecture and landscape.


Koliji is the author of books, In-Between: Architectural Drawing and Imaginative Knowledge in Islamic and Western Traditions (Ashgate 2015), and Sketches from Iranian Architecture (SBU, 2010), book chapters, and numerous essays and papers. Hooman lectures on his work internationally including invited lectures at University of North Carolina, Kansas State University, Bilgi University, CalPoly San Obispo, and Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg). He is a member of the editorial board of Nexus Network Journal: Architecture and Mathematics, a premier peer-reviewed journal by Springer exploring the relationship between geometry, mathematics, and architecture.


As a distinguished fellow at the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (AIE) at University of Maryland, he has been leading Ecological Design Thinking, a new design research enterprise that includes educational course and workshops across disciplines of design, environmental technology, and engineering. His work on innovative spatial ecologies delves into design thinking, user experience, and entrepreneurship through a full cycle of ideation, iteration, prototyping, user interaction and feedback in the realization of vertical living screens and envelopes.


PhD Architecture and Design Research - Virginia Tech (WAAC) 2012
MLA - Virginia Tech 2009
PhD Architecture - SBU 2000 - 2004
M Arch - SBU 2000
B Arch - SBU 1997