Spain: Urbanism, Gardens, Architecture, and Detail in Andalucia

Education Abroad
December 27, 2018 to January 17, 2019
Winter 2019

Be immersed in the amazing history and culture of the Andalucía region of Spain while studying the Gothic, Renaissance and Islamic architecture and urbanism of this region. You will be honing your ability to see and learn through drawing in the context of several World Heritage Sites. Arguably, there are few places on Earth with the richness or variety of architecture that one can learn from in Andalucía. Those with an interest in pluralism and the built environment which comes from the confluence of cultures, or those with an interest in garden design, Roman, Islamic, or Baroque architecture, would all be well served to join Dan Curry, AIA and Christian Calleri, AIA in this unique travel experience.


By participating in this program you will:

  • Develop an ability to synthesize ideas in your design thinking, and in your interpretation of existing works, through free hand drawing, diagramming, and representation through manual visualizations. This in turn will inform and enhance your pursuits in digital representations upon your return.
  • Enrich your ability to think about architecture as part of the built environment. Gain an understanding of how to create beautiful urban places, gardens, exterior and interior public places for people. You will learn to be broad minded enough to consider multiple scales of design thinking at one time, and you will be taught to move between scales as a way to improve the outcomes of your studio projects.
  • Develop your freehand drawing skills through drawing exercises of the cities, gardens, and buildings of Andalucía.


Daniel Curry, AIA


Christian Bret Calleri, AIA