Maryland-in-Florence Architecture

Education Abroad
January 3, 2019 to May 30, 2019
Spring 2018

Live, study, and learn in the city where it all began! You’ll take classes in Leon Battista Alberti’s masterpiece the 15th century Palazzo Ruccellai and attend studio in a newly renovated building on the banks of the Arno. In addition to learning in the classroom, you will have plenty of opportunity to visit museums, draw in piazzas, learn to speak Italian, and absorb the history of Italy while learning local customs.


During the spring semester of 2017 we will initiate a semester abroad program in Florence, Italy in conjunction with the International Studies Institute ( This program will be open to Juniors and second-year Path B M ARCH students. The program is designed to be comparable in cost to a semester in College Park and will offer studio, technology, drawing, history, and other electives to complement your educational experience. All credits earned will be granted directly by the University of Maryland avoiding any complications of transfer.