Italy: Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape

Education Abroad
May 31, 2019 to July 7, 2019
Summer 2019

This program will expose you to the architectural, landscape, urbanistic, and artistic traditions of Italy, which are considered by many academics to be at the foundations of these disciplines. You will learn by direct exposure to architectural, landscape, and urban sites. Most of the coursework is conducted in situ, directly in the buildings, gardens, and piazzas being studied. You will learn through readings, lectures, but most importantly by doing by observing, documenting, and analyzing the places you visit.


Coursework is centered about two significant approaches:
     1) A representation skills course, which seeks to build proficiency in a variety of media and drawing conventions, and
     2) A visual analysis course, which develops critical thinking skills by means of a series of exercises centered around the development of a daily sketchbook journal.

You will also be exposed to the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Italy through museum visits, attendance at performances, and interaction with native experts in a variety of disciplines.


Application Deadline:

March, 11, 2019


Brian Kelly


Emily Broxmeyer