ARCH 797 Thesis Proseminar



Faculty Assigned
Tu Th 9:00am - 10:15am (ARC 1105)


Catalog Description

Directed research and preparation of thesis program.

Goals and Objectives

ARCH 797 is thesis pre-design, the agenda of which is to explore and codify those theoretical and practical aspects of design which guide the independent work of the student through a self-motivated and directed thesis design semester. Issues of site and program, the city/suburb, the landscape (natural/cultural), and role of architecture/urban design in society are addressed. Social, political, cultural and economic basis of architecture and urban design are considered.

Topical Outline

ARCH 797 meets 3 hours per week. Each student has an assigned thesis committee, comprised of the thesis program director, a thesis advisor and at least one additional member of the School of Architecture’s Graduate Faculty. All drafts of the thesis document are submitted to the committee members for comment. In addition to the thesis program director/student tutorials, periodic meetings between the advisor /committee members and the student are encouraged.


Students will be required:

1. To identify a thesis project, expose and discuss its inherent theoretical and practical issues, collect site and program data, and analyze the findings of that research;

2. To generate viable design concepts that explore alternative design approaches which can form the basis for the design effort of the thesis semester;

3. To produce a thesis document that:

- discusses issues and ideas raised by the project,

- discusses the architectural, conceptual, site, building, technological and programmatic requirements of the selected project,

- identifies, analyzes & graphically presents studies of relevant conceptual/intellectual program/site issues/precedents,

- illustrates preliminary design concepts that verify a reasonable “fit” between site and program and represent differing design strategies,

- acts as a reference manual for the design project during the thesis studio,

-constitutes the M. Arch Thesis Document itself when the conclusion chapter and final design drawings and models, produced in ARCH 798 & ARCH 799, are added.