Student Services



URSP faculty members serve as “faculty mentors” to graduate students.  In their first year, all URSP students are assigned a faculty mentor. Mentors are assigned on the basis of mutual interest with the student, but also on the basis of their availability. We strive to have an equal number of students per faculty mentor. The mentor has the responsibility of guiding the student through the program and helping with course selection and registration. A mentor's approval is required for class registration.  If over the course of his or her study, a student feels more comfortable with another faculty member as mentor, the student can change by making a request with the Program's Administrative Assistant and filling out a Change of Mentor form.  The faculty members who are mentors are shown below, along with their areas of teaching and research.


Faculty Mentor Email Address Teaching/Research Focus
Alex Chen Community Studies
Jim Cohen Growth Management, Sustainability
Casey Dawkins Housing, Land Use
Chengri Ding International Development, Economic Analysis
Marie Howland Economics
Hiroyuki Iseki Economics, Land Use
Gerrit Knaap Economics, Land Use
Willow Lung-Amam Social Planning, Urban Design Theory
Student Guide 2012-2013
Urban Studies and Planning Handbook 2012-2013

Career Services

Welcome to the MAPP Career Services page. We offer services to both employers and students.


For employers, we offer the following services:


  • A forum to post job opportunities for MAPP students or alumni
  • On campus Interviews
  • MAPP annual career fair 


For more information see the section below for employers or contact Kristen Tepper.  


If you are a student, we offer the following services:


  • Professional Career development services, including workshops and resume assistance
  • Career opportunities
  • Upcoming career events


For more information on these services, see the appropriate section below.


Financial Aid

There are two forms of financial assistance available to URSP students, as listed below.

Graduate teaching or research assistantships

Some of our students serve as teaching assistants (TAs) for our undergraduate courses, while others assistant with a faculty member’s research project (RAs). Some of the RA positions are with the National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education. The assistantships are either part time (10 hours per week) or full-time (20 hours per week), in exchange for which the student receives a stipend, tuition remission, and participation in the Maryland State Employees health Insurance Program. A part-time TA or RA receives 5 hours of tuition remission for each semester worked, while a full-time TA or RA receives 10 hours of tuition remission for each semester worked. Both part-time and full TAs and GAs are charged the in-state Maryland tuition rate for any credits above 5 (or 10) that they take in a given semester. We have a limited number of these positions each semester.


For information on URSP GA or TA positions, contact Jim Cohen at or (301) 405-6795. Please note that GA positions are available through other University of Maryland departments, programs or offices. Several of our students have received part or full-time GA positions in other campus programs in recent years. Notices and descriptions of these positions are available at under “Graduate Assistants”.

Student loans

Information on student loans is available at the Office of Student Financial Aid at Information on financial aid for international students is available at