Coming Home to Broadway Overlook

Project (Studio)

The HOPE VI program proposes to reduce the isolation of low-income families living in severely distressed public housing by redeveloping these sites into mixed-income developments and creating opportunities for people of various income levels to live and to interact with one another.


A $21.3 million HOPE VI revitalization grant partially funded the redevelopment of Broadway Homes, an unsafe and unsanitary 429-unit public housing complex in Baltimore City. The redeveloped site, Broadway Overlook, completed in 2005 with significant resident input, includes 84 subsidized rental units for very-low to moderate income households, 48 market rate rental units, and 34 for sale units.


Working within Mark. L. Joseph's (2006) conceptual framework for how mixed-income development might impact the quality of life of lower-income residents, and with a conception of community proferred by Barry Wellman (2001), we examined Broadway Overlook to determind if there is a sens of community among residents and whether the benefits of mixed-income development have been acheived.

Spring 2009