URSP faculty members serve as “faculty mentors” to graduate students.  In their first year, all URSP students are assigned a faculty mentor. Mentors are assigned on the basis of mutual interest with the student, but also on the basis of their availability. We strive to have an equal number of students per faculty mentor. The mentor has the responsibility of guiding the student through the program and helping with course selection and registration. A mentor's approval is required for class registration.  If over the course of his or her study, a student feels more comfortable with another faculty member as mentor, the student can change by making a request with the Program's Administrative Assistant and filling out a Change of Mentor form.  The faculty members who are mentors are shown below, along with their areas of teaching and research.


Faculty Mentor Email Address Teaching/Research Focus
Ariel Bierbaum Housing, Transportation, Public Education
Casey Dawkins Housing, Land Use
Chengri Ding International Development, Economic Analysis
Marccus Hendricks Environmental Planning
Hiroyuki Iseki Economics, Land Use
Gerrit Knaap Economics, Land Use
Willow Lung-Amam    Social Planning, Urban Design Theory