Installing Adobe Acrobat


Below are the procedures for installing Adobe Acrobat using Terp Ware.

Open a web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox. In this example, Google Chrome was used. Once you have opened the web browser, goto:

When opens, PC will be the default choice. Click “Design & Production” and click “Acrobat XI Professional”

Click "Login" and enter in your University Directory ID and Password.

Scroll down to “Downloads” and click “Adobe Acrobat XI.exe – 500.30 MB” the file will download

Adobe Acrobat will download as a self-extracting zip file. Locate the file – usually in “Documents” -> “Downloads“ if you do not open it directly from your web browser. Open the zip file

Once the zip file has opened, you may be prompted with a security warning. Click Run

After clicking Run, you will be prompted to click “Install”

The status window Extracting Adobe Acrobat XI will show its Installation process

This window shows the installation status

Double click on the Adobe Acrobat XI Pro icon and open Adobe Acrobat

You are now ready to open Adobe PDFs