Makeover Montgomery 4 Addresses Self-Driving Cars, Affordable Housing and the Transformation of the American Suburb


Over 250 educators, practitioners, researchers and community stakeholders attended this year’s Makeover Montgomery (MM4), a biennial event bringing some of the best minds in new technology, economics, social science, architecture, development and sustainability together to discuss the contemporary challenges and opportunities of the American suburb. Sponsored by the National Center for Smart Growth and the Montgomery County Planning Department, this year’s symposium focused on the tenets of a thriving, 21st century suburb: one that is competitive, healthy, inclusive and smart. Following a dynamic keynote by founder and CEO of Reinventors and former Associate Editor of WIRED Magazine Peter Leyden, panels and workshops milked ideas and created strategies around a number of topics, from job growth and autonomous vehicles to walkable communities and economic opportunity.


Check out the MM4 highlight reel here. To watch Peter Leyden’s keynote talk, click here.

Posted on May 18, 2018 by Maggie Haslam