Thank you for considering a gift to the University of Maryland School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. Each year our friends and alumni generously support the School and its programs.  Your gift can provide financial support to students, help us continue to explore advancements in teaching and learning, and advance our creative efforts and research in serving the citizens of Maryland and beyond.  A gift helps us achieve the excellence we have set as our goal.


  • It helps us recruit the best and the brightest students to our degree programs.  As the cost of higher education increases, so does our need to support those less fortunate with achieving their professional education and launching their careers.  Gifts to schjolarships, leadership, and lecturers all make sure our stduents are prepared to become tomorrow's leaders.

  • Your gift will help us make learning experiential and action oriented.  Your gift to educational programs will support our outreach efforts like the Partnership for Action Learning for Sustainabilty (PALS), the Urban Land Institutes National Competition, internship programs, and design stduios that work on problems that address today's problems.

  • Lastly, your gift can advance the kniwledge that is delivered to the classroom.  Professorships and Endowed Chairs will help us attract the very best faculty and aid their search for new knowledge and creative ideas.


Your gift not only helps individual students and advances the School but it adds value to your own degree.  Your gift makes the School stronger and helps us achieve the recognition and national notoriety that we deserve.


Any gift to the University can be specified for the School and our existing endowments or operating funds. Click the link below to enter into the UMD online gift form. You can slect the program and fund for your gift to be directed toward. For your convenience, gifts can now be made online and are processed through the University of Maryland College Park Foundation.



To donate to a specific program, use the following links:



Urban Studies and Planning

Historic Preservation

Real Estate Development


For more information about giving to the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation or our endowments please contact: 

Laura Mikolajko
University of Maryland
School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
Building 145 - ARC 1249
College Park, MD 20742
(301) 405-8628

This Year's Priority Gifts

 The School has identified two specific needs for gifts.  They are:


TERP-start Scholarships

To ease financial strain on enrolled undergraduate students with unmet financial need and to reduce the debt faced by students after graduation, the Office of University Relations and the Office of Student Financial Aid are partnering on a two-year initiative (July 1, 2013-June 30, 2015) designed to substantially increase the number of need-based scholarships available to undergraduate students at Maryland. We are reaching out to generous alumni and friends to help establish endowed scholarship awards that will benefit talented students now and in the future. The TerpStart Matching Scholarship Program is a way for dedicated Terps and close friends to establish a legacy by reaching across generations to give today’s students the support and momentum they need to pursue their dreams and fearless ideas without financial burden.


A gift of at least $30,000 is needed to establish a TerpStart Scholarship. Depending on the agreed-upon payment schedule, a portion of the gift will be allocated to a current use fund to provide immediate student support; the remainder will be allocated to the endowment. As part of this special two-year initiative, the University has pledged to match spendable income generated by TerpStart scholarship funds 1:1 in perpetuity, as well as match your current use gifts until the endowment is paid in full. Your support, coupled with this match, will help the University assist a significantly increased number of students and families who struggle to meet the financial demands of college. Together we can reduce student loan debt.  For more information on TERP Start contact
Laura Mikolajko
(301) 405-8628

Dean’s Leadership Fund

Donations to support this fund will make our graduates more valuable to their particular professions and advance the School of Architecture's reputation in leadership training. For students, leadership training involves opportunities to interact with national leaders, develop workshops and symposia on leadership and participate in leadership events and training opportunities. For faculty, leadership funds will provide support that will allow faculty to enhance their leadership role in the professions they serve. Support of this fund will allow the School of Architecture and its programs to enhance our tradition.

Meet the Students You have Assisted

The 2014-15 Student Scholarship Winners


AIA Potomac Valley

  • Hannah Bacon
  • Sean Konig
  • David Leestma
  • Pedro Camgro de Aib Sanchez

Anonymous TerpStart Scholarship

  • Hazel Ventura
  • Jordan Ramunno

Architecture Faculty and Staff

  •  Mary Sein Win

Architecture Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Emily Pensyl

Architecture Graduate Scholarship

  • Autin Martin Raimond


  • Gina Fernandes

Bechhoefer Travel Scholarship

  • Harold Webb
  • Keith Edwards

Birx TerpStart Scholarship

  • Nell Martinez

Bonstra TerpStart Scholarship

  • Tiana Howell

Bonta Memorial Scholarship

  • Ashley Grzywa
  • Siobhan Steen

Crewe Scholarship

  • Sadie Dempsey

DeFrance Scholarship

  • Gina Fernandes
  • Natalya Dikhanov

Design Collective Scholarship

  • Kristen Fox

Dressel Scholarship

  • Nicole Akpedeye
  • Minsoo Kang
  • Christopher Lee
  • Valerie Sherry
  • Renata Louise Southard

Fogel Travel Scholarship

  • Thibaut Folliet

Grimm and Parker Endowment Fund

  • Erica Aronson
  • Justin Manongdo
  • Alexandra Gill
  • Gabriel Maslen
  • Christina Lim
  • Adan Ramos
  • Chris Reyes
  • Harold Webb
  • Kenneth Filler
  • Sherry Valerie
  • Michael Sisson
  • Diane Bickel

John Hill Scholarship

  • Christina August
  • Pedro Camargo de Alb Sanchez


  • Justin Manongdo

Jack Smith Kerxton Scholarship

  • David Ensor

Lili Kibel Memorial Scholarship

  • Anne Kopf
  • Lucy Moore

Klatskin Scholarship

  • Luke Petrusic
  • Elizabeth Nolen
  • Sadie Dempsey
  • John Pelletier

Metzner TerpStart Scholarship

  • Gi Sim

Roger K. Lewis Scholarship

  • Austin Martin Raimond

Rycroft Scholarship

  • Christina August
  • Hannah Bacon
  • Sophie Habib
  • Emily Pensyl
  • Christopher Reyes
  • Sandy Wan

Lawrence P. Sangston Scholarship

  • Diane Bickel
  • Renata Louise Southard

Schwabacher TerpStart Scholarship

  • Alexa Sternberger

John and Sarah Steffian Scholarship

  • Harold Webb
  • Adam Chamy
  • Charishma Hunjan
  • Elizabeth Nolan
  • Rodrigo Lozada
  • Edgar Alvarado
  • Erica Aronson
  • Patrice Bennett
  • Elizabeth Lee

Architecture Fund

  • Adam Louie

David Schwartz Scholarship

  • Allison Palmadesso

Thomas L. Schumacher Memorial Scholarship

  • Matthew Miller
  • Anna Nicolich

Erik and Joyce Young Travel Scholarship

  • Kenneth Filler
  • Gabriel Maslen
  • Adan Ramos
  • Jonathan Marguiles
  • Harold Webb
  • Megan Beveridge
  • Luke Petrocelli
  • Maryam Satavi
  • Janae Edley