Movement: Robert Siegel Architects

On Display
January 25, 2012 to May 7, 2012
Kibel Gallery

Using the filters of movement and ritual in architecture, Robert Siegel’s lecture and exhibit entitled “Movement” explains how the kinetic energy of preschool children, the overlapping and multiple choreographed paths of museum visitors, and the high speed secure processing of vehicles at the threshold to the United States form the basis of his work. The lecture includes animated diagrams, satellite imagery, drawings, and renderings and photographs that chronicle the development of five projects through their research, analysis, and synthesis stages. Each project includes a conceptual approach to sustainable design as well as specific strategies for detailed tectonic development. The exhibition includes high-quality drawings, physical models and digital media content. Projects, both built and conceptual, range in scale from a stainless steel and glass wine cellar to a competition for the 1 million square foot National Museum of Korea.


Robert Siegel

Robert Siegel Architects

Robert Siegel, the exhibit’s curator, established his private practice in 1991 after earning his Master of Science in Architecture from Columbia University and his Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University. He has taught architectural design and building technology at Parsons School of Design, Syracuse University, the Boston Architectural Center, Pratt Institute, City College, and NJIT. Robert is the former chair of the AIA New York Chapter Committee on the Environment and is a founding member of the Advisory Board for Syracuse University’s Study Abroad Program. Appointed by the Commissioner of the United States Public Building Service, Robert serves as a National Peer Reviewer for Design Excellence in Architecture.