Ceara O’Carroll (MCP 10) spent the better part of 2012 and 2013 living and working in Sana’a, Yemen in the rehabilitation and recovery programs for USAID Yemen. Working closely with the World Bank, UN and the Yemeni government, Ceara and her team have concentrated on infrastructure, pubic facilities and livelihoods/economic recovery.
Robert Goodspeed ( 02) recently finished his Ph.D. at the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning, and will be joining the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning this fall as Assistant Professor of Urban Planning. His dissertation was a study of how innovative GIS-based planning support systems are being used to foster social learning in land use planning processes. Rob and his wife will celebrate their third wedding anniversary in August, and are both excited for the move back to her home state.
Anita Hsieh (BS Arch 08) was recently awarded at $10,000 architectural scholarship by ZGF Architects LLP in Portland, Oregon. The annual scholarship is administered by the Oregon Community Foundation and recognizes talent and passion for architecture. She is currently pursuing her Master of Architecture at Washington University in St. Louis.
Jessie McClurg (BS Arch 07) recently joined BWBR, a Saint Paul-based design solutions firm, as a technical designer. A resident of Minneapolis, she continues to serve on the board of directors for Preserve Minneapolis, an organization dedicated to improving the city’s life by recognizing, preserving and revitalizing the architectural and related cultural resources of the city.
Arnab Chakraborty (PhD 07) a Professor of Urban and Region Planning at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana recently published an article on the link between zoning and foreclosure in the Journal Housing Policy Debate. The article, entitled “Zoning Restrictiveness and Housing Foreclosures: Exploring a New Link to the Subprime Mortgage Crisis,” is based on research of six metropolitan cities between 2005 and 2008. A grant from the National Science Foundation will allow Chakraborty and his team to expand their research to include 20 additional metropolitan areas.
Vikas Mehta (PhD 06) recently published a new book titled The Street: A Quintessential Social Public Space which examines how streets, as a public space, can be planned and designed to become settings that support an array of social behaviors. Vikas is an Associate Professor at the University of South Florida’s School of Architecture & Community Design.
Lori Steenhoek (BS Arch 05) recently started her own 3D architectural rendering company, Capital Pixel ( Her company works with several local architects, planners and real estate developers in the D.C. area to bring their designs to life in the form of photorealistic renderings.
Mike Aziz (BS Arch 03) an associate at Cooper, Robertson and Partners, led a team entry which competed at the 2012 ENYA Biennial Design Ideas Competition in New York City. The competition explored the redevelopment of a decommissioned Harlem marine transfer station into a community facility and public waterfront.
Myer Harrell (BS Arch 02) became a licensed architect in the State of Washington September in 2010, and was named an AIA Seattle Young Architect 2011. She currently works for Weber Thompson in Seattle, Washington.
Richard Wolf (M Arch 03) After five years with the VOA & Associates in Washington, D.C., Richard was promoted to Senior Associate. He, his wife and two sons (age 4 ½ and 1 ½) will be relocating to the Philadelphia area; he’d love to connect with other MAPP alumni!