Alexander Toprac


My major life interest is in the relationship between human psychology and the built environment. My undergraduate degree, received from Goucher College in 2009, was in Psychology with a Studio Art minor. During the first year after my undergraduate education I worked as a preschool teacher at the Jewish Community Association in Austin, Texas. I then moved to Baltimore to work for Bolton Hill Nursery for the summer and switched to special education as an IEP Aide during the academic year. I continued to work summers at Bolton Hill Nursery and entered into the University of Maryland Historic Preservation in the fall of 2012. During my graduated education I took on volunteer work in Baltimore by helping Bolton Hill Nursery with research for grant writing purposes for their newly acquired historic property. I also worked as a graduate assistant for the UMD Historic Preservation Program as a academic librarian and National Park Service cultural resource surveyor on the C&O Canal in Maryland. I have a particular interest in regional cultural patterns, especially as reflected in vernacular architecture, urban planning and landscaping. I also firmly believe historic preservation and heritage tourism can and should be essential tools in community organization and neighborhood revitalization.