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The Real Estate Review, a quarterly journal published by Thomson/Reuters, a large publisher of textbooks and legal reference materials, based out of Rochester, New York, has engaged Dr. McFarland, the School's Director of the Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) and the Colvin Institute of Real Estate Development to be the Editor-in-Chief of the Review. The MRED program and the Colvin Institute are focused on preparing the next generation of developers to recognize and promote the quadruple bottom line approach to real estate: Economic Viability, Social Responsibility, Environmental Sustainability, and Beautiful Design.


Since taking on the Review in late 2007, it has been returned to its original founding purpose and enlarged its focus beyond the traditional discussion of highly arcane and technical finance issues, to address the entire cycle of development and the myriad facets and related disciplines to real estate. Three Senior Editors solicit and edit material for alternating issues of the Review: Polly Nyberg, a consultant in design preservation and service issues based in Northern California, and Alan and Susan Ruby of Ruby Consulting, with offices in South Carolina and Alexandria, Virginia. The Review recently added two Associate Editors who solicit authors: Howard Kozloff, a developer consultant based in the New York City area, and Susan G. Ehrlich, a regional planning and housing consultant based in coastal California.


Please contact Margaret McFarland if you would like to receive submission guidelines and copyright requirements, or if you have an interest in serving on the Editorial Board.

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