Marisa Allen


Marisa Allen is a designer at Quinn Evans Architects in Washington DC. The firm's work focuses on the sustainable preservation of historic buildings. Ms. Allen has experience with a broad range of institutional projects including universities, K-12 schools, and museums. Her current projects include McKinley Middle School, Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School and the Bird House at the National Zoo. 


Ms. Allen's thesis, Annapolis City Dock: A Sensory Exploration, reclaims a neglected waterfront by reconnecting to unique sensory experiences shaped by wind, water, and craft. Physical making and the local history of craft are reintroduced to create tactile experiences of place. The building maps and interacts with dynamic water levels and wind activity to reinforce Annapolis' identity as a sailing city.


Ms. Allen teaches Introduction to the Built Environment; a course exploring conceptual, perceptual and behavioral aspects of the built environment, as well as strategies for creative problem solving.


B.S. in Architecture, 2010, University of Maryland; M.Arch and Urban Design Certificate, 2012, University of Maryland